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Journal of Competitiveness

# 1/2009, Dec 2009

Zelený Milan
Financial Crisis and Bata Management System: Macro- and Micro-reaction to Crisis Environment
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Dytrt Zdenek
Responsible Management and Responsible Entrepreneurship
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Dvořáková Dana
Environmental Information in Financial Statements - “New” Comprehensive Income?
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Urgacz Paweł
Competiteveness and Company Motives for Pro-ethical Actions - Slovak Students’ Opinion
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Kuzmišin Peter
The Quality of Business Environment and its Effect on the Competitiveness of a Business
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Remeš Daniel
Performance Management in a Period of Crisis
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Chromjaková Felicita, Rajnoha Rastislav
Economy of Innovation as a Part of the Increase of the Company Performance
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Müllerová Libuše
Factoring – One of the Main Forms of the Financing Small and Medium Enterprises
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Kislingerová Eva
Industry 2008/2009 - The Battle of Rescue in the Mirror of Statistical Data
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Journal of Competitiveness


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