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Journal of Competitiveness

Journal of Competitiveness - Its Mission

The aim of this scientific periodical is to publish inspiring and good-quality results of theoretical as well as empirical research putting emphasis on study of significant factors regarding competitiveness.

The periodical Journal of Competitiveness published by the Faculty of Management and Economics of Tomas Bata University in Zlín in cooperation with publishing partners, is based on the world-known tradition of Baťa company famous for its system of management. Its typical feature was a unique ability to search for and gain the competitive advantage in every individual area of management and thus increase efficiency.

The Journal of Competitiveness mainly focuses on innovative approaches, methods and tools of management to increase efficiency, improve competitiveness and gain the competitive advantage in the key processes of companies and institutions. The Journal of Competitiveness enables researchers to publish their articles of scientific importance focusing on the following:

  • competitiveness of states, regions, sectors, companies and institutions,
  • approaches, methods and tools of strategic and operational management of companies and institutions in the context of increasing efficiency and improving competitiveness,
  • competitiveness of financial markets and institutions, financial tools supporting efficiency and competitiveness of companies and institutions,
  • other economic topics closely related to competitiveness.

Journal of Competitiveness is interested in submissions which have an explicitly multinational, cross-border, or international comparative orientation and are consistent with the domain of the journal.

The ambition of the periodical is to support R&D activities of researchers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, and other countries as well.

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Journal of Competitiveness


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