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Journal of Competitiveness

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#3/2022, Sep 2022

Editor's Letter

Alena Andrejovska, Jozef Glova

An Effective Average Tax Rate as the Deciding Factor in Tax Competitiveness in the Context of Foreign Investment Influx

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Irena Antosova, Nada Hazuchova, Jana Stavkova

Competitiveness of Individuals in the Labour Market During the Pandemic

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Anna Dolinayova, Igor Domeny

Competition on the Railway Market in a Segment of Public Service Obligations in Terms of Effectiveness: Study in V4 Countries

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Nicolae Istudor, Dan Costin Nitescu, Valentin Florentin Dumitru, Cristian Anghel

Banking, Competitiveness and Sustainability: The Perspective of the Three Global Actors: US, China, Europe

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Michal Karas

The Hazard Model for European SMEs: Combining Accounting and Macroeconomic Variables

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Chaiyawit Muangmee, Nuttapon Kassakorn, Bilal Khalid, Radovan Bacik, Sebastian Kot

Evaluating Competitiveness in the Supply Chain Management of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises

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Pavel Ondra

The Impact of Single Minute Exchange of Die and Total Productive Maintenance on Overall Equipment Effectiveness

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Adrian Otoiu, Emilia Titan, Dorel Mihai Paraschiv, Vasile Dinu, Daniela Ioana Manea

Analysing Labour-Based Estimates of Automation and Their Implications. A Comparative Approach from an Economic Competitiveness Perspective

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Maria Reznakova, Stanislava Stefankova

New Indicators of Innovation Activity in Economic Growth Models

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Zdenko Stacho, Lenka Lizbetinova, Katarina Stachova, Augustin Starecek

The Application of Progressive HR Tools in the Environment of Slovak Enterprises

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Barbora Zemanova, Michaela Kotkova Striteska, David Zapletal

A Framework for Innovative Culture Identification

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