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Journal of Competitiveness

Impact of Basel II on Bank Competitiveness and Financing of Business Sector

Kiseľáková Dana, Kiseľák Alexander

Slovak bank sector, Basel II, competitiveness, effects on business sector, indicators of profitability

The aim of this article is to evaluate impact of implementation Basel II on the increase of competitiveness in the Slovak bank sector in relationship to indicators of profitability and financing of business sector. The introductory part deals with regulation framework of risk and impact of Basel II on changes in competitive environment and in approach of bank behavior on the market and to financial risk. The considerable attention is focusing on the analysis of changes in rating models and making stricter conditions of credibility business sector to credit financing. The next part analyses the competitiveness of bank sector in Slovakia in relationship to selected indicators of profitability to credit risk through trend analysis. Finally, the paper discusses competitive advantages of Basel II and effects on financing, credit risk management, competitiveness in bank sector in Slovakia and EU, in the context of global crisis.

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Journal of Competitiveness


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