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Journal of Competitiveness

Factors Affecting Job Announcement Competitiveness on Job Listing Websites

Zoltan Rozsa, Veronika Machova

job pursuit intentions, multiple linear regression, job candidates, competitive advantages, online environment

Recruitment as a Human Resource Management function is seen as the factor influencing the development of a competitive advantage. Merely a moment in the online environment can determine whether a potential job candidate responds to a job offer, and thus factors influencing the candidate’s attention also influence the employer’s competitiveness. The paper aims to determine factors that affect job pursuit intentions (JPI) in the job listing websites environment based on the evaluation of a particular job offer that has attracted the respondent. Data was collected from a randomly selected sample of 412 Czech (CR) and Slovak Republic (SR) university students (effective response rate 29.11 percent). Multiple linear regression was used to determine independent variables to help explain the response. Two models were constructed: the first model contained all suspected variables (explaining the variance of 34.59 percent); the second model also contained their second-degree combinations (explaining the variance of 40.23 percent). The results showed that informativeness about salary and benefits (ISB), employer attractiveness (EA), informativeness about employee responsibilities (IER), as well as informativeness about work-life balance (IWLB) significantly affected job pursuit intentions (JPI) in both models. The second model revealed that the attractiveness of content (CA) also contributes to explaining variance by this factor’s affecting of the attractiveness of the employer (EA). The study extends the research into job pursuit intention into the online environment, with empirical validation of the models showing the mechanisms and conditions through which the selected variables affect job pursuit intention. The conclusion also offers suggestions for future work that can identify and more deeply describe factors which attract job candidates.

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Rozsa, Z., & Machova, V. (2020). Factors Affecting Job Announcement Competitiveness on Job Listing Websites. Journal of Competitiveness, 12(4), 109–126. https://doi.org/10.7441/joc.2020.04.07

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