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Journal of Competitiveness

Employment Impacts of Cleaner Production in a Company

Kulhavý Viktor

employment, cleaner production, sustainable development, qualification, working environment, social impact, competitiveness

Environmental innovations, as well as other types of innovations can be perceived as one of the factors that increase competitiveness. This article provides an overview of the impact of environmental innovations on the quality of work environment, employment and quality of work in companies. Cleaner production is one of the preventive strategies for lowering the negative impacts of production on the environment. The economic and environmental impact of environmental innovations has already been described in literature; however the social impacts are less known. Recent research studies conducted in the European Union indicate that, integrated measures of environmental protection in companies with regards to employment have rather yielded neutral or slightly positive effect. The increase in number of jobs is observed only in a small number of cases, especially in companies with demand for highly skilled labour. There are also substantial changes in the quality of work environment and the increase in employee qualification.

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Journal of Competitiveness


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