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Journal of Competitiveness

Development and Specifics of Technology Management in Context of Competitiveness Development

Jemala Marek

Technolog y management, Technological system, Effectiveness, Competitiveness, Usefulness

Systemic and complex approach to the Management of Technology (MT) enables many managers and technologists to better apply existing know-how in this field so as to improve their technological processes and the overall competitiveness of their businesses. The main task of MT is to ensure appropriate procedures of analysis, planning, organizing, controlling, evaluation and effective use of technological processes to complete and support other business processes and objectives. Technological know-how is a determinant of individual competitiveness, and it depends not only on perfect specifications and subsequent purposeful application, but also on an integrated systemic approach to MT. It also depends on a well-defined and implemented technological strategy or appropriate socio-cultural and ecological parameters of the technological system. This approach is termed as the integrated MT. This study deals with particular historical development of MT, specification of MT with emphasis on the development of technological competitiveness, dynamics of technological capacities and effective implementation of technology. The study concludes by identifying specific sources of competitiveness that contributes to the success of technology-based businesses.

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Journal of Competitiveness


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