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Journal of Competitiveness

The Influence of a Firm’s CSR Initiatives on Brand Loyalty and Brand Image

Jintao Lu, Licheng Ren, Chong Zhang, Chunyan Wang, Zahra Shahid, Justas Streimikis

Corporate social responsibility, Brand loyalty, Brand image, Competitiveness, SEM-based multivariate approach

The objective of this study is to examine the impact of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives of a firm as one of the critical factors to improve the competitiveness of the firm in today’s aggressive market environment. The influence of corporate social responsibility on brand loyalty and brand image, which distinguishes the firm from other competitors, was evaluated in the study. Data from 364 consumers were collected through adapted and structured questionnaires for the period from August 2018 to December 2018. The respondents were selected through convenience sampling to generate the responses of individual online consumers who buy luxury goods online. The sample size of 364 was taken from a simple random table with a 5% margin of error and a 95% confidence level. SEM-based multivariate approaches such as structural equation modeling and confirmatory factor analysis were employed, and SmartPLS 3.0 software was used for the data evaluation. The results indicate that the firm’s CSR initiatives have a significant and positive impact on brand loyalty and brand image. The study undertaken has several theoretical and practical implications which could provide the basic foundations and conceptual framework for future studies, and it offers strategic directions for the senior managers of firms to plan CSR initiatives that can enhance the brand loyalty of their brands and also increase corporate reputation, all of which are beneficial to remain competitive in today’s business arena.

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Lu, J., Ren, L, Zhang, C., Wang, C, Shahid, Z., & Streimikis, J. (2020). The Influence of a Firm’s CSR Initiatives on Brand Loyalty and Brand Image. Journal of Competitiveness, 12(2), 106–124. https://doi.org/10.7441/joc.2020.02.07

Journal of Competitiveness


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