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Journal of Competitiveness

The Expert System as a Proposal for Creating Innovative Strategy

Lendel Viliam, Varmus Michal

innovation strateg y, expert system, innovation, knowledge, expert, management

The process of creating an innovation strategy is a complex one. The formulation of innovation strategy requires a more intensive calculation that makes it possible to select the optimal variant of innovation strategy for enterprises. Similarly, the creation of different innovation strategies requires the use of information technology. A place has to be allocated to hold intermediate results. Also, work with larger amounts of data and knowledge must be stored in transparent database, to avoid loss, confusion and difficulty in searching for information. This paper examines the use of an expert system as an appropriate means of meeting the requirements of creating an innovation strategy. The paper examines in detail the various modules of the proposed expert system, as well as the preconditions for a successful performance.

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Journal of Competitiveness


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