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Journal of Competitiveness

On Some Spatial Relations of Cooperation And Competitiveness

Hájek Oldřich, Hrabinová Šárka, Novosák Jiří

Cluster, competitiveness, region, Moravia-Silesia Region, Zlin Region

Territory represents an important feature of the cluster concept. It is reflected not only in the various definitions of the term but also in the methods used to define clusters as well as in research on clusters in different types of regions. This article deals with some relations between territories and clusters, using the Moravia-Silesia Region and Zlin Region as case studies. The article is focused on spatial patterns as well as how subjects of the institutionalized clusters in the two regions are localized. Also, the differences between selected characteristics of clusters in the structurally weak Moravia-Silesia Region and in the peripheral Zlin Region are discussed. The main findings of the article indicates that, there are a variety of spatial patterns of the institutionalized clusters that are in accordance with the vague definition of the concept and specific location factors of different industries. In addition, an evaluation of the institutionalized clusters of both regions confirms the theoretical background of the territorycluster nexus. Overall, there is a limited potential of cluster creation in the Zlin Region, as well as cluster development tendencies based on the attraction of foreign investment and innovative industries in the Moravia-Silesia Region.

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Journal of Competitiveness


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