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Journal of Competitiveness

The Importance of Metacognitive Strategies for Building Competitive Business Competencies

Pavel Krpalek, Katarina Krpalkova Krelova, Katerina Berkova

business finance, entrepreneurship, competitiveness, competence, cognitive dimension, metacognitive strategies, case study

The aim of this study is to verify and evaluate experimentally the effect of using activating methods and the related application of metacognitive learning strategies in case studies. The research sample consisted of 220 students, 16-17 years old. The experiment was chosen as the basic research method. The authors’ research focuses first on building a case study. This was subsequently verified experimentally in the second research phase, and its effect on the development of higher cognitive dimensions was evaluated. Relevant research tools were developed, including a case study adapted to each age group of students with a focus on relevant educational content and two non-standardized professional tests in the form of a post-test that was uniformly designed for the experimental and control group to determine the range of effects at the level of development of lower and higher-order thinking processes that the implemented methods can produce. The tests took into account the age of students, content and cognitive difficulty. The non-parametric Mann-Whitney u-test was chosen to verify null hypotheses at 5% significance. The results indicate that the application of metacognitive learning strategies at an adequate age and adequate level of cognitive abilities of students are the assumption of financial literacy and entrepreneurship support. Using activating teaching methods through the implementation of the case study method is more successful and effective in the development of higher-order thinking operations than the established traditional methods, which are still nowadays overused by teachers. This means that methods have a significant impact on the development of higher cognitive dimensions, which are the fundamental assumption of a successful career for economists and corporate managers. The development of these competencies strengthens the competitiveness of this profession in the labour market.

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Krpalek, P., Krpalkova Krelova, K., Berkova, K. (2018). The Importance of Metacognitive Strategies for Building Competitive Business Competencies. Journal of Competitiveness, 10(3), 69-85. https://doi.org/10.7441/joc.2018.03.05

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