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Journal of Competitiveness

The Main Reasons for Implementing BPM in Czech Companies

Tuček David

Business Process Management, quantitative research, implementation, process segmentation typology

This article focuses on describing the main aspects and reasons for implementing Business Process Management in Czech companies, and was based on original results of the quantitative research evaluating aspects of process management in the context of company strategies in Czech enterprises which was carried out in 2006 with regard to the extension of its further utilization. Following the interest of professionals in practice, the research continued and was re-implemented in 2012, having the interviews completed in 2013. I have described an evaluation of a process segmentation typology in this article too. The analysis showed that managers have more options regarding process segmentation to choose from. In terms of practicality and ease of use, the method of process segmentation most frequently used (managerial, main and supportive) comes directly from the requirements of ISO 9001.

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Tuček D. (2015). The Main Reasons for Implementing BPM in Czech Companies. Journal of Competitiveness, 7 (3), 126-142 https://doi.org/10.7441/joc.2015.03.09

Journal of Competitiveness


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