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Journal of Competitiveness

Investigating Talent Management Philosophies

Urbancová Hana, Vnoučková Lucie

Czech Republic, competencies, development, employee, organization, talent

This study, motivated by the recognition that organizational performance and success always hinges on employee competencies and management’s skill in utilizing their potentials, focuses on one of the key factors in organizational efficiency: the possibilities of development of talented employees within Czech organizations. The data was collected via two quantitative studies. The first study involved 100 organizations from every economic sector with a main focus on the topic from the organization’s perspective. The second study explored the approach from employees’ perspective. Our analysis shows that different talent management philosophies are used in practice. Almost half of the sample use inclusive and stable philosophy, 11% inclusive and developable philosophy and almost 10% exclusive and developable philosophy. Employees are mostly developed in generally recommended areas without any consideration for the specific individual’s characteristics or related opportunities. It is a stable approach. Limitations of this study may be found in the focus on analysis outcomes - on practitioners in particular. The present findings provide a basis for future hypotheses and research in this area.

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Urbancová H., Vnoučková L. (2015). Investigating Talent Management Philosophies. Journal of Competitiveness, 7 (3), 3-18 https://doi.org/10.7441/joc.2015.03.01

Journal of Competitiveness


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