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Perception of Small and Medium Entrepreneurship in the Czech Republic

Smékalová Lenka, Hájek Oldřich, Belás Jaroslav, Macháček Jiří

small and medium enterprises, survey, business owners, perception of entrepreneurial activities

This paper deals with small and medium enterprises in relation to the attitudes perceived by business owners in their immediate neighbourhood, society, in relation to banks and the government. The key question is the difference between entrepreneurs who started their businesses voluntarily and those who entered the business out of necessity. The majority of governmental policies, including Czech policies, focus more on the questions of financial support, however the support of entrepreneurs can be broader and may include the efforts to influence perception of an individual and the society so that they have a more positive attitude towards entrepreneurial activities. The attitudes in the Czech Republic are so far rather negative and such a change may be positively reflected in the level of the entrepreneurial activity which strongly affects economic development.

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Smékalová L., Hájek O., Belás J., Macháček J. (2014). Perception of Small and Medium Entrepreneurship in the Czech Republic. Journal of Competitiveness, 6 (4), 41-49 https://doi.org/10.7441/joc.2014.04.03

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