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Journal of Competitiveness

Bank Image Structure: The Relationship to Consumer Behaviour

Lukášová Růžena, Urbánek Tomáš

financial services marketing, bank image, image structure

This paper presents the results of a study of the relationship between the bank image, its structure as a reflection in the minds of individuals and behavioural tendencies in relation to banks. Attitudinal scales were used to identify the contents of the particular banks’ image. The structure of the image was identified by means of factor analysis. The study found that the respondents’ behavioural tendencies, i.e. their willingness to be a client of or to recommend a particular bank, are related to different content components of particular banks and mainly to respondents’ needs. Based on the results, the study identifies the danger that the results of the bank image analysis can be misinterpreted if the respondents’ relationship to the bank is underestimated.

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Lukášová R., Urbánek T. (2014). Bank Image Structure: The Relationship to Consumer Behaviour. Journal of Competitiveness, 6 (1), 18-35 https://doi.org/10.7441/joc.2014.01.02

Journal of Competitiveness


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