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Journal of Competitiveness

Service Quality and Process Maturity Assessment

Šerek Radomír

SERVQUAL, SERVPERF, service excellence, capability maturity models, business process management, balanced scorecard, employee satisfaction index

This article deals with service quality and the methods for its measurement and improvements to reach the so called service excellence. Besides older methods such as SERVQUAL and SERPERF, there are also shortly described capability maturity models based on which the own methodology is developed and used for process maturity assessment in organizations providing technical services. This method is equally described and accompanied by examples on pictures. The verification of method functionality is explored on finding a correlation between service employee satisfaction and average process maturity in a service organization. The results seem to be quite promising and open an arena for further studies.

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Šerek R. (2013). Service Quality and Process Maturity Assessment. Journal of Competitiveness, 5 (4), 43-56 https://doi.org/10.7441/joc.2013.04.03

Journal of Competitiveness


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