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Journal of Competitiveness

Production and Logistics Performance of Czech and Slovak Companies

Bobák Roman, Pivodová Pavlína, Poláková Veronika

Competitiveness, Logistics Industrial Performance, Industrial Engineering, Metrics

This contribution deals with the issues of production and logistics performance of Czech and Slovak companies. The goal of the research was to analyze logistic processes, methods of industrial engineering, methods and evaluation of manufacturing, software tools utilized for measurement and management of performance, which are currently applied in manufacturing companies in the Czech and Slovak Republic. This analysis was done with the utilization of qualitative research conducted in 80 selected manufacturing companies in 2009. The results are compared in the continuity with the conclusions from previous researches on manufacturing and logistic factors of the competitiveness of Czech industrial manufacturers carried out during the period 2000-2001 in the framework of the research project of the Faculty of Economics and Management completed in 2004.

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Production and Logistics Performance of Czech and Slovak Companies [PDF file] [Filesize: 1.47 MB]


Bobák R., Pivodová P., Poláková V.(2013). Production and Logistics Performance of Czech and Slovak Companies. Journal of Competitiveness, 5 (1), 97-107 https://doi.org/10.7441/joc.2013.01.07

Journal of Competitiveness


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