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Journal of Competitiveness

The Post-implementation Assessment of Advanced Technology Utilization

Hynek Josef, Janeček Václav

advanced manufacturing technolog y utilization, technolog y benefits identification and quantification

Efficient utilization of advanced manufacturing technology is usually seen as one of the crucial factors in achieving competitiveness on global markets. On the other hand, there are many problems associated with the advanced technology utilization. These problems could be related to the individual phases of the relevant project life cycle - starting from the early stages of AMT projects preparation and evaluation, through various problems related to the project implementation, its integration within the company environment, up to the issues related to the efficient utilization of the already deployed system. This paper focuses on the final stage of this process when the post-implementation assessment should be carried out in order to determine whether all initial expectations and objectives were met and whether all the originally promised benefits were delivered. Typical problems of technology benefits evaluation together with various methods, concepts as well as metrics used in the process of the assessment will be discussed here in particular.

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Hynek J., Janeček V.(2012). The Post-implementation Assessment of Advanced Technology Utilization. Journal of Competitiveness, 4 (3), 3-13. https://doi.org/10.7441/joc.2012.03.01

Journal of Competitiveness


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