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Journal of Competitiveness

Implementing changes: the case of Czech companies

Jarmila Straková, Milan Talíř, Miroslav Škoda, Tsolmon Jambal

change, organizational change, severity of change, competitiveness

Change has become a necessary condition for any organisation to operate successfully in the market while meeting the ever-changing demands of all stakeholders. There is simply no other way to survive the intense competition and frequent changes that occur in the market. Only organizations that are able to respond to change, learn faster and move forward gain more expertise to better face the challenges brought about by changes in the business environment. The aim of this paper is to identify what changes organisations have made in recent years and how they manage these changes. To achieve this aim, five research questions are formulated in the area of change management in the business environment of the Czech Republic. Despite progress in implementing change, some companies are still reluctant to consider strategic changes and pursue only process improvements such as performance management, restructuring or process redesign of functional areas instead. The results also indicate that some companies are rather slow to implement change, starting with planning and attempting to change the management of the company.

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Straková, J., Talíř, M., Škoda, M. & Jambal, T. (2024).Implementing changes: the case of Czech companies. Journal of Competitiveness, 16(1), 207-223. https://doi.org/10.7441/joc.2024.01.12

Journal of Competitiveness


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