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Journal of Competitiveness

Organizational Citizenship Behaviour, Hospital Corporate Image and Performance

Obamiro John Kolade, Ogunnaike Olaleke Oluseye, Osibanjo Omotayo A.

organizational citizenship behaviour; hospital corporate image; healthcare; efficient service delivery; organizational performance.

This study examines the relationship between organizational citizenship behaviour, hospital corporate image and performance. Questionnaires were distributed to 350 patients and 298 usable questionnaires were returned representing a return rate of 85.7%. The study employs a Structural Equation Model to test four hypotheses on organizational citizenship behaviours, hospital corporate image and performance. The findings reveal that hospitals can increase performance through organizational citizenship behaviour and positive corporate image. However, it was also discovered that there is a negative covariance between organizational citizenship behaviour and hospital corporate image despite their individual positive contribution to performance. Therefore, hospital management should develop an organizational climate (such as recognition, additional reward, promotion, etc.) that can promote organizational citizenship behaviour and enhance a positive corporate image while preventing situations that will discourage staff from rendering extra positive discretionary work related services.

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Organizational Citizenship Behaviour, Hospital Corporate Image and Performance [PDF file] [Filesize: 1.24 MB]


Obamiro J. K., Ogunnaike O. Ol., Osibanjo O. A. (2014). Organizational Citizenship Behaviour, Hospital Corporate Image and Performance. Journal of Competitiveness, 6 (1), 36-49 https://doi.org/10.7441/joc.2014.01.03

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