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Journal of Competitiveness

Food Wastage as a Display of Consumer Behaviour

Nada Hazuchova, Irena Antosova, Jana Stavkova

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wastage, household consumption, food, competitiveness, factor, expenditure, income

The article deals with consumer behavior in terms of food and its wastage. The main aim is to identify consumer behavior in relation to food consumption and food waste in the households in the Czech Republic as an effect of healthy competitive environment. Food consumption and its wastage is analyzed in terms of quantity and food expenditure in general as well as with the use of primary data from the Household Budget Survey. According to a household diary survey, the highest wastage is of cereal and dairy products, with the lowest being meat. The consumption and quantity of wasted food are significant in relation to price. The data obtained during daily monitoring of wasted food in September 2018 are used to test the impact of the household identification characteristics on the quantity of wasted food along with the types. A logit regression is used to estimate the anticipated quantity of wasted food according to individual kinds of food and in relation to household identification characteristics. The age, education and economic activity of consumers have a significant effect on the quantity of wasted food. In addition, the results show that the people who waste the most are over 65 years of age, with the lowest wastage connected with university graduates.

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Hazuchova, N., Antosova, I., & Stavkova, J. (2020). Food Wastage as a Display of Consumer Behaviour. Journal of Competitiveness, 12(2), 51–66. https://doi.org/10.7441/joc.2020.02.04

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