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Journal of Competitiveness

The Impact of Stocks and Bonds on Pension Fund Performance

Bozena Chovancova, Jaroslav Hudcovsky, Anna Kotaskova

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asset portfolio, bond, stock, pension fund

Stocks and bonds represent the two most common assets in pension fund portfolios. For both pension fund participators as well as pension fund administrators it is necessary to examine the impact of stock and bond markets on the pension fund. This paper investigates the connection between stock, and, respectively bond market and pension funds. The relationship between the pension market and representative stock and bond market indexes was confronted. Research data based on pension statistics from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development were included in our research. A stronger impact was shown of the bond market on pension fund performance. The paper is divided into 5 chapters. In the first chapter, we introduce theoretical approaches along with essential knowledge in terms of a deeper analysis of research problems. The second chapter focuses on a literature review, with the third detailing the methods and methodology of research. The fourth chapter focuses primarily on achieving and interpreting the results of research in the context of the set objectives. In the fifth chapter, the achieved results are aggregated in the form of particular recommendations formulated after studying the issue.

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Chovancova, B., Hudcovsky, J., & Kotaskova, A. (2019). The Impact of Stocks and Bonds on Pension Fund Performance. Journal of Competitiveness, 11(2), 22-35. https://doi.org/10.7441/joc.2019.02.02

Journal of Competitiveness


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