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Discussion on stakeholders behind unfair drug pricing: A scoping review

Arif Ibne Asad, Gul Shah Sabary

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Pharmaceutical Company, Stakeholders, Unfair Drug Price, Scoping Review

An unsettling issue for people worldwide has been the rise in medicine prices. The news routinely reports on surprising drug price increases; however, the general public is less informed about the real reason for increasing medicine prices. Although there are a number of parties involved in the drug price increase, it is unclear to whom the increase can be directly attributed. This study used the scoping review method, to map the literature on the topic. It answers a research question concerning stakeholder responsibility for increased drug prices. To do so, the authors conducted a literature survey of different scientific research databases between 2018 to 2022, using two key phrases: “unfair drug price” and “drug price stakeholders.” In the study, a total of 26 papers were full-text reviewed out of 323 papers that were initially identified. The cost-effectiveness of new medications that must go through the pricing and reimbursement procedure is routinely assessed by the pharmaceutical industry. However, because there is a data gap, it is impossible to assess the relationship between drug costs and demand over a longer time period, to identify the drugs that are not covered by health insurance, or to determine the role of health insurance in rising drug prices. Even so, the scoping review reveals more evidence that pharmaceutical corporations have the ability to determine prices, undermining the idea that the health insurance industry is the primary cause of price increases.

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Asad, I.A., & Sabary, G.S. (2023). Discussion on stakeholders behind unfair drug pricing: A scoping review. Journal of Competitiveness, 15(3), 3-18. https://doi.org/10.7441/joc.2023.03.01

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