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Číslo 1/2019, březen 2019

Editor's Letter

Janusz Heller, Rafal Warzala

The Effects of Entering the Eurozone on other Central and Eastern European Countries in Relation to Poland

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Michal Istok, Maria Kanderova, Peter Kristofik, Kamil Scerba

International Corporate Structuring of Slovak Companies Using Tax Havens

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Eva Kolarova, Vendula Kolarova, David Homola

The Impact of Errors in the Area of Taxable Expenses and Revenues on Economic Indicators

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Maya Lambovska, Rastislav Rajnoha, Jan Dobrovic

From Quality to Quantity and Vice Versa: How to Evaluate Performance in the Budgetary Control Process

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Thi Anh Nhu Nguyen, Zoltan Rozsa

Financial Literacy and Financial Advice Seeking for Retirement Investment Choice

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Milana Otrusinova, Alena Kulleova

Liquidity Values in Municipal Accounting in the Czech Republic

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Katarina Remenova, Nadezda Jankelova

How Successfully can Decision-Making Style Predict the Orientation toward Well- or Ill-Structured Decision-Making Problems

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Daniela Spirkova, Jitka Kloudova, Aleksandr Kljucnikov, Beata Stehlikova

Economy of Heating and Competitiveness of the State – The Link between the Life Expectancy and the Heating Fuel Type. The Case of the Slovak Republic

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Eva Stichhauerova, Natalie Pelloneova

An Efficiency Assessment of Selected German Airports Using the DEA Model

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Zuzana Wroblowska

Personality Requirements for Ukrainian and Czech Managers Creating Brands as a Competitive Advanatage

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