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Číslo 4/2021, prosinec 2021

Editor's Letter

Rizwan Raheem Ahmed, Dalia Streimikiene, Xiaosong Zheng

The Impact of Proactive Environmental Strategy on Competitive and Sustainable Development of Organizations

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Cong Doanh Duong, Thi Loan Le, Ngoc Thang Ha

The Role of Trait Competitiveness and Entrepreneurial Alertness in the Cognitive Process of Entrepreneurship Among Students: A Cross-Cultural Comparative Study Between Vietnam and Poland

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Zuzana Hajduova, Jana Coronicova Hurajova, Marian Smorada, Ludovit Srenkel

Competitiveness of the Selected Countries of the EU with a Focus on the Quality of the Business Environment

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Maria Hudakova, Marie Gabrysova, Zora Petrakova, Katarina Buganova, Vladimir Krajcik

The Perception of Market and Economic Risks by Owners and Managers of Enterprises in the V4 Countries

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Feng Liu, Ming jie Fang, Kwangtae Park, Xuesheng Chen

Supply Chain Finance, Performance and Risk: How Do SMEs Adjust Their Buyer-Supplier Relationship for Competitiveness?

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Ngoc Khuong Mai, An Khoa Truong Nguyen, Thanh Thuy Nguyen

Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy to Enhance Firm Reputation and Competitive Advantage

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Alena Oulehlova, Ales Kudlak, Rudolf Urban, Eva Hoke

Competitiveness of the Regions in the Czech Republic from the Perspective of Disaster Risk Financing

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Changling Sun, Stanislav Skapa, Jinzhao Liu, Jakub Horak, Yaning Yang

Does Core Competence Affect Corporate Social Responsibility?

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Hongyun Tian, Samuel Kofi Otchere, Courage Simon Kofi Dogbe, Winfred Okoe Addy, Frank Hammond

New Product Creativity Mediating the Relationship Between Organizational Bricolage and the Competitive Advantage of SMEs

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Katarina Valaskova, Ane-Mari Androniceanu, Katarina Zvarikova, Judit Olah

Bonds Between Earnings Management and Corporate Financial Stability in the Context of the Competitive Ability of Enterprises

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