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Číslo 4/2018, prosinec 2018

Editor's Letter

Otto Bartok

The Use of CSR in E-Commerce as a Way to Compete

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Jan Dobrovic, Peter Gallo, Bohuslava Mihalcova, Lenka Stofova, Petra Szaryszova

Competitiveness Measurement in Terms of the Europe 2020 Strategy

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Branislav Gablas, Eugen Ruzicky, Martina Ondrouchova

The Change in Management Style during then Course of a Project from the Classical to the Agile Approach

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Maria Hudakova, Matej Masar, Maria Luskova, Milan Robin Patak

The Dependence of Perceived Business Risks on the Size of SMEs

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Vit Jedlicka

Tax Competition and IP Boxes after the Appliction of the Modified Nexus Approach

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Małgorzata Kokocinska, Marcin Puziak

Regional Income Differences and their Evolution after EU Accession. The Evidence from Visegrad Countries

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Andrea Kolkova

Indicators of Technical Analysis on the Basis of Moving Averages as Prognostic Methods in the Food Industry

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Maria Marikina

The Impact of Ecological Regulations and Management on National Competitiveness in the Balkan States

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Olawunmi Omitogun

Investigating the Crowding Out Effect of Government Expenditure on Private Investment

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Petr Suchanek, Maria Kralova

The Influence of Costumers’ Personal Characteristics on their Satisfaction with the Food Industry

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