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Číslo 1/2024 volume 16, březen 2024

Editor's Letter

Mehmet Civelek, Aleksandr Ključnikov, Roman Hruška, Jaroslav Světlík, Vladimír Vavrečka

Global Competitive Strategies: Assessing the Role of Marketing Tools in SME Internationalization and Financial Performance

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Phan Dinh Nguyen

The impact of intellectual capital on firm performance: A study of Vietnamese firms listed on Vietnam Stock Exchange

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Peter Adamovský

Quadruple helix in reality: An empirical inquiry into innovation cooperation triggering competitiveness in central and northeastern Europe

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Hanh Thi My Le, Cheng-Po Lai, Vu Hoai Phan, Vu Tien Pham

Financial reporting quality and investment efficiency in manufacturing firms: The role of firm characteristics in an emerging market

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Iveta Kmecová, Armenia Androniceanu

Level of investments in human capital in SMEs as a means of further development and increased competitiveness

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Yang Chen, Wenqun Gao, Olena Chygryn, Oleksii Lyulyov, Tetyana Pimonenko

Management of companies’ green competitiveness: Coordination degree between core determinants

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Zixi Zhang, Changling Sun, Martin Mikeska, Marek Vochozka

Does the competitive advantage of digital transformation influence comparability of accounting information?

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Santiago Gutiérrez-Broncano, Pablo Ruiz-Palomino, Pedro Jiménez-Estévez, Benito Yáñez-Araque

Job-related uncertainty and its pernicious effects on employees’ well-being: The mediating role of employee job anxiety

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Fang-Yi Lo, Yu-Yun Chien

Digital internationalization of small and medium sized enterprises: online comments and ratings on Amazon platform

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Viktor Prokop, Jan Stejskal, Wolfgang Gerstlberger, David Zapletal, Do Thi Thanh Nhan

Linking firms’ green mode and process innovations: Central and Eastern European region case

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Anett Erdmann, Maria Eizaguirre Diéguez

Let's (re)locate digitally: spatial competition for users' engagement in the social media space

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Jarmila Straková, Milan Talíř, Miroslav Škoda, Tsolmon Jambal

Implementing changes: the case of Czech companies

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