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Journal of Competitiveness

Regional Innovation Strategies in the Czech Republic

Hájek Oldřich, Grebeníček Pavel, Novosák Jiří

Regional innovation strateg y, regional innovation system, cluster, innovation, Czech Republic

Lately, the concept of innovation has become a development mantra in the fierce global competition. Competition is not limited to firms; it is also relevant for territories. An observed trend which is not surprising is the number of support tools that have been developed to reinforce the position of territories and their actors in the innovation processes. Clusters and regional innovation systems are the most important of them. However, both are rather underdeveloped in the CEE countries, including the Czech Republic. Faced with this situation, a number of Czech regional authorities (Regions) took measures to stimulate the process of creating cluster and regional innovation system (RISs). Hence, strategic planning in the form of regional innovation strategies has become an overarching concept. So far, eleven Czech Regions have elaborated on RISs and analysis of these documents was the main focus of this article. The main finding of this paper is that, there is an increasing quality of RISs in the Czech Republic. Moreover, some common and some differentiated features of RISs were also identified. Consequently, the paper emphasizes numerous problems of RISs that is perceived as a key barrier towards real regional innovation system.

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