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Work-Life Balance Practices in Nigeria: A Comparison of Three Sectors

Ojo Ibiyinka Stella, Salau Odunayo Paul, Falola Hezekiah Olubusayo

work life balance, Nigerian banking sector, Educational sector, Power sector, Human resource management

The study investigates the concept of work-life balance (WLB) policies and practices in three sectors of the Nigerian Economy namely the Banking, Educational and Power Sector. The types of WLB initiatives available in the three sectors were explored and the barriers to implementation of the WLB initiatives were identified. This research implored quantitative methods to investigate the work-life balance practices in three sectors of the Nigerian Economy. This was achieved using an in-depth case study analysis of these sectors. The data set comprised of responses from both managers and employees in the Banking sector with five hundred and eighty six copies of the questionnaire retrieved. The Educational sector comprised of both managers and employees with five hundred and thirty one copies of the questionnaire retrieved; while five hundred and seven copies retrieved from the Power Sector. The findings reveal that there is diversity in terms of how respondents perceive the concept of Work-Life Balance. There is a wide gap between corporate WLB practices and employees’ understanding of the concept; the paper suggests some policy implications which would aid the implementation of WLB policies in the studied sectors. This study also suggests direction for future research.

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Ojo I. S., Salau O. P., Falola H. (2014). Work-Life Balance Practices in Nigeria: A Comparison of Three Sectors. Journal of Competitiveness, 6 (2), 3-14 https://doi.org/10.7441/joc.2014.02.01

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